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Cebu has a few areas worth diving and is also the jumping-off point for many sites in Visayas, several of which are less than an hour away by banca boat.

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TAMBULI FISH-FEEDING STATION Tambuli is known as a great macro diving site- a true calling for those photographers who love their close-ups. We commonly encounter nudibranches, anemone shrimp, tiny anglerfish, and angelfish.
KON TIKI HOUSE REEF Kontiki is situated on the same reef as, and in between the other sites of Tambuli to the north, and Agus to the south.
MARIGONDON CAVE The Marigondon Cave is only called a cave because there is only a small area at its deepest point where you cannot see the mouth. For the most part it is a cavern. The terminus of Marigondon’s main tunnel ends in “the Grotto” where you may darken your torches and whach the show of flashlight fish
SHANGRILA MARINE SANCTUARY This stunning marine sanctuary is home to barracuda, parrotfish, lionfish, a beautiful school of jacks, and a huge school of silver batfish. The corals are abundant and healthy.
THRESHER POINT Thresher Point is located just across from Mactan, Cebu on the northern tip of Olango Island.
TALIMA SANCTUARY Talima is known for it’s plummeting deep wall, abundance of tropical fish, and a small shipwreck at 18 meters. A wide variety of marine life including pipefish, frogfish, razorfish, and triggerfish populate a wide coral slope that abruptly ends at 18 meters deep- dropping down to 45-50m.
AGUS, MACTAN Agus, Mactan is yet another one of the spectacular divesites here in Cebu.
HILUTUNGAN MARINE SANCTUARY The Hilutungan Marine Sanctuary is home to tens of thousands of fish. You will likely see damsel fish, anemone fish (nemos), parrot fish, and a school of large batfish- just to name a few. The Hilutungan Marine Sanctuary is one of the oldest in the area, allowing fish populations to grow dramatically.
NALUSUAN MARINE SANCTUARY The Nalusuan Marine Sanctuary is a great dive for divers of all skill levels. The shallow coral gardens in 6m of clear water offer exciting opportunities for beginner divers.
PAWOD CAVE The Pawod Cave Dive is a true cave dive, with most of the dive conducted in the dark zone. The Pawod Cave dive should only be undertaken by serious and well-skilled cave divers.
CAUBIAN CAVES These saltwater limestone caves are accessible at 40m. The cavernous (no pun intended) main theatre splits off into several smaller passageways and offers technical divers access to both a large cavern and small cavelets.


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