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Dumaguete is becoming popular with divers from around the world. Several dive centers now operate resorts with dive services, and several worthwhile dive sites are in the area.

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SUMILON ISLAND The first marine reserve in the Philippines, was once a fantastic dive site. Somehow its protected status became defunct, and it took no time at all for the dynamiteros, the gillnetters and the spearfishers to move in and wipe out years of patient conservation efforts.
LILOAN At this drift dive over a nominally sandy bottom, experienced divers will want to drop down to the sloping reef and investigate the large rocks and bommies that litter the seafloor.
TACOT This underwater seamount often attracts large pelagics, usually has great visibility (more than 20m) and always has strong currents. The reef is surrounded by a fair selection of fish life (groupers, snappers, puffers, parrotfish, and angelfish, among others), and the corals are healthy and large as a consequence of the nutrient-filled currents.
CALONG CALONG A popular training site and reasonable snorkeling area, this large reef has some fair-sized corals sprouting from it, including table and basket corals and, of course, sea fans
APO ISLAND The island now has a couple of dive resorts, and dive trips are mounted to Apo from all over the Visayas. Apo is best visited between December and May. Snorkeling is great over most of the fringing reef, which runs around the conically shaped island from 3m to around 25m before dropping off to the seafloor.
THE PIER This dive is fascinating with the stands of the pier looming around you and covered in colourful soft corals. This dive site is a photographers and macro fanatics dream. As you swim in and around the pier schools of fish swim around you and the soft corals are full of small critters, juvenile clown frog fish, nudibranchs, flat worms, ghost pipefish, seahorses.


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