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CATHEDRAL CAVE The entrance is located north north-east of Calis Point on Coron Island where some overhanging cliffs lead to small grottoes and holes. Once you’ve found the big cave entrance you have to find the narrow tunnel in the bottom leading to the cathedral cave. Main entrance has a depth of 7 to 8m. Inside the tunnel, lobsters and cowries can be seen. It is exceptional especially during the day when sun rays escape through the holes in the ceiling. You exit the bottom of the chamber at 20m. This dive must be accompanied with a guiding rope because sometimes it is difficult to find the exit if it is muddy or you experience dive traffic.
DUMUNPALIT ISLANDĀ  This dive site has soft pink corals from the shore up to 25m deep. Pelagic species can be seen along the slope. Since there are no accomodations in this island, a notification to camp on it is needed to be submitted 7 days before or the guards that live in the area will not permit landing on the island.
CORON ISLAND FISHING BOAT This fishing boat wreck is located near the bay entrance of the Barracuda Lake. Good area for snorkeling and diving because of its beautiful rocks and sandy coves. The wreck is 35m long and is good for underwater photography. It is now covered with sponges, sea slugs and home to starfishes, angelfishes, batfishes and barracudas. It is good for beginners and also ideal night diving. The water in this area is shallow and has almost no current.
CORAL GARDEN The site has a beautiful coral garden that you can see immediately upon descent. The flat roof of the reef is covered with marvellous stony- and soft corals, among them big acropora table corals and some small gorgonians. There are plenty of small fish at the reef, starfish of the linkia species (blue and grey) and sea anemones with clownfishes. This is area protected and has nice calm waters.


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