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Port Barton has some great coral diving for beginners and advanced divers alike, as well as some good snorkeling. The dozen or so most popular dive sites are about half an hour out to sea and comprise the fringing reefs around the offshore islands and seamounts.

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SHARK POINT You can circle this large rock in a single dive. Lots of soft corals carpet the reef, and some large corals are clustered in places.
MIDDLE ROCK Middle rock is a rocky dive site covered with hard corals. You might see Spanish mackerel cruising by or some of the huge bumphead parrotfish that call this area home shoals of 20 or more are not uncommon.
ROYALIST SHOAL The steep walls of this seamount boast some of Port Barton’s best hard and soft corals. At this site, divers can see all kinds of tropical reef fish – angelfish, pufferfish, lionfish, soldierfish, tangs, gobies, squirrelfish and more.
TEN FATHOMS Ten Fathoms is another seamount, but is a little deeper than Royalist Shoal and, therefore, is more suitable for advanced divers.
WILSON HEAD Wilson Head rarely has a current to bother with, and the shallow reeftop makes this a good snorkeling venue.
BLACK CORAL This reef is like a big city’s central square – it attracts a large number of diverse visitors. Expect to see lots of large groupers darting in and out of the hard and soft corals.


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