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Romblon Dive Sites

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TURTLE’S FEEDING PLACE Turtles’ Feeding Place contains coral formations in a depth between 5 and 25 meters. Normally with a mild current and good visibility. Turtles can also be spotted here, with many shoals of fusiliers buzzing around.
TELSIE’S GARDEN Telsie’s Garden is a muck site right in front of the village Agpanabat. This site includes a rich sandy slope with scattered coral and some rubble areas. This is an excellent muck site with many different species of cephalopods,nudibranchs and different fish species.
AGNAY SANCTUARY Here you will find beautiful coral decorated reefs teeming with marine life. Bonus is that Agnay Sanctuary is situated in a protected bay area, making this dive easy to handle. Calm sea conditions and much to see and explore. A good place to see eagle rays and frogfishes.
AGPANABAT SANTUARY This dive site consists of various beautiful coral formations with lots of small fish life such as clownfish, scorpionfish, boxfish and others.This spot can be reached in 40 to 50 minutes from Romblon Town or Lonos, Romblon.
BONBON SEA GRASS VALLEY This dive consists of a series of large rock boulders set in a sea grass plain. Bonbon Sea grass Valley is well known for its great underwater ambience. Suitable for all level divers. This is a good place to find hidden smaller animals and provides great photo opportunity.
PHIL’S FAN CORAL COLLECTION One of the more deeper dives on Romblon. Here you will slope down to a maximum depth of 35 meters to where you will find a formation with lots of spectacular big Gorgonias. Beautiful dive with abundant marine and coral life.
SAN PEDRO CLIFF An area of steep vertical walls and boulders. There are often some currents present which make this perfect for a drift dive. This dive site provides an exciting dive and also attracts some interesting marine life, various reef fish, rays and turtles.
SAMMAR SANCTUARY This site contains some really interesting sea life. This is a good place to find hidden smaller animals.This spot can be reached in 30 to 45 minutes from Romblon Town or Lonos, Romblon.
CHANNEL OF ALAD This dive consists of sandy bottom with coral formations. There are often strong currents present which make this perfect for a drift dive. Marine life here includes lots of lobsters and moray eels.This spot can be reached in 20 to 30 minutes from Romblon Town or Lonos, Romblon.
TIMES SQUARE Times Square is a rather remote dive. Despite the fact that this site is not dived often, it remains one of the most beautiful sites with great snorkeling opportunity and pristine undisturbed reefs.
MAESTRO DE CAMPO ISLAND Maestre De Campo  is a unique scuba diving destination for many reasons. The island offers 19 named dive sites that span depths from 5 meters to 55 meters, including two genuine wreck dives.
BLUE HOLE Blue Hole is located in near the coast of Punta Gorda in Tablas Island. You can reach the opening of the hole at 60ft. The bottom of the hole is sandy and has a sloped structure. When diving in this area, one must be careful with the descent especially when the inside of the hole has a current. The current can make you shoot up the surface which can be dangerous for a diver.


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