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Albay Dive Sites

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BUSAY FALLS Busay Falls unique is its seven tiered structure The roaring and cascading white foam has a height of over 800 ft, a sight to behold. If you want to go bathing, it is the initial basin you should go to.
VERA FALLS Vera Falls is situated in an area off Mt. Malinao, in turn embedded in an enchanting forest. The exotic vegetation, free flowing rivers and trails make this an attractive enough site. But at the end of your trek, you will come across a body of water, which provides you the opportunity to go diving.
PALALE FALLS Palale Falls is not often visited by tourists, or diving buffs, because they also prefer to go to island beaches. For this reason, it has become a draw for people who like to go diving or bathing near waterfalls in relative isolation. It can be reached via trails.
CORANGON ISLAND Corangon is a local word that translates to “coral”, and it is only fitting as the island is composed of corals. Through a process lasting millennia, crushed and crumpled corals in the sea were elevated by the constant waves and currents of the restless sea, eventually forming an island. Corangon Island is small, and only visible on low tides, but from Tiwi you can easily see it. A dive around the islet itself will reveal some of the finest hidden treasures in the sea.
BUGSUCAN FALLS Bugsucan Falls is actually a waterfall site, and as such is enveloped by trees, greens, rock formations, and more. While the waterfalls provide a good opportnity for photographers, the base is also ideal for diving and swimming.


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