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Moalboal whose name means “bubbling water”, a reference to some nearby fresh water springs, is a quiet, peaceful little village that has become a mecca for divers. Moalboal is now an internationally recognized center of diving excellence, with more than a dozen high-quality dive centers teaching reasonably priced courses to all levels of divers.

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PESCADOR ISLAND Pescador Island is mentioned as one dive spot but you can dive here at least four times; it’s a truly great dive site. The dives start mostly in the south where the boat is sheltered if there is an Amihan wind.
COPTON POINT The diving at Copton (part of the Ronda Bay Marine Park) is reliably good, but access is limited. The top of the reef is sandy and home to plenty of hard and soft corals.
TONGO POINT The dive starts and ends with a deep wall going to endless depths. Small caves can be explored all along this dive so bring a dive torch to look inside the caves. Some parts of the reef are exposed during low tide. Be careful with your entry; make sure it’s deep enough if you make the roll backwards.
PANAGSAMA BEACH (HOUSE REEF) This a great dive site for night diving as entries and exits are straight from the beach. This used to be a really impressive reef, the drop-off a short swim over stunning corals off any point along the beach.
MARINE SANCTUARY This dive site slopes from 5m to 18m and then drops to 45m. In this area you can see a forest of huge sea fans. This site is good for both wide angle and macro photography. Hard and soft corals, leaf fish and the unusual ghost pipe fish await you here. Tuna and White Tip Sharks can be spotted occasionally.
DOLPHIN HOUSE The site is home to big shoals of Anthias and is filled with soft corals, especially pink leafy ones, and here is where the Turtles eat alongside the wall.
TUBLE REEF The dive starts with a wall going down to 25m. At the bottom is a sandy slope; very special are the vertical wall canyons. There is a small cave at 27-30m; with an in-going current watch out for this as it can be hazardous.
KASAI POINT The dive starts with a steep slope going down to 40m. Stay at 20m and come slowly up to 10m. Also on this dive site are many canyons and some small caves. There are great hard corals on the top and in deep water many big Black Corals.
TALISAY WALL The wall has vertical canyons with wide deep slopes. The slope/wall profile keeps on changing all the time. Bring a diving torch to look in the small caves.


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