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General Santos Dive Sites

Gen San is also called Tuna City, this relatively recent addition to the Philippines dive circuit offers some of the most outstanding wall dives in the country. Much of the diving is in Sarangani Bay, where the massive drop-off and its colorful fringing reef run for kilometers just off the beach.

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MAHARLIKA BEACH RESORT This is an ideal training site, with plenty to see, healthy corals and lots of fish. Snorkelers will also really enjoy this spot.
TAMPUAN (TINOTO WALL) This massive wall runs for more than 10km along the coastline, plummeting down from the surface to below 200m in most places.
ROCKY BEACH Rocky Beach, just near the Sandbar, is a nice alternative for beginners, because you do not have to go in too deep to get a view of the corals and fish beneath.
TAKOT MAASIM The currents in this dive site can range from moderate to heavy, depending on the weather. In the waters, you can find several types of fish, including a plethora of rays and Trigger Fish.
KAPATAN REEF This private reef serves as the favored home of Sarangani Divers or those who choose to visit Gensan and stay for more than a day. Since it is a privately-owned place, the owners see to it that it is kept clean and safely protected through the years. Some of the diverse marine life that captures the attention of many divers are the giant clams or interesting snappers that live in its waters.
KABOG MARINE RESERVE If you are one of those people who are totally fascinated with live turtles, you may want to take a visit to Kabog Marine Reserve. Turtles can be usually seen in this place. Going to this reserve makes diving in General Santos a most interesting thing to do. This reserve remains protected eversince it had a major main damage to the area. Aside from turtles, beautiful corals and various fishes can also be seen. One of its must-see spots is the Zillion Fish Rock where you can see a lot of small fishes.
PETRON PIER Petron Pier is one of the relatively new dive sites in General Santos City. Like most of the major dive sites you can find in the borders of the city, this one is also located in the rich Sarangani Bay. You get to Petron Pier from Tambler in General Santos.
BAWING OFFSHORE PINNACLE This is one of the older dive sites in General Santos City. Like the many dive sites you can find here, it is also located on the western side of the Sarangani Bay area. Divers can access this site via a small boat from any of the beach resorts in the said area.
BILANGDANG REEF This is one of the many interesting dive sites in General Santos City. The strong currents can prove to be quite a challenge, which in a way means hands off to beginners. This dive site is located on the eastern side of the Sarangani Bay area. This means you should expect some form of turbulence on certain days.
TANGO POINT This is another one of the dive sites in General Santos City that is located on the eastern section of the Sarangani Bay. Tango Point is best suited for more experienced divers since you’ll have to work with poor visibility and strong currents. It is better off as a boat dive than anything else. Some of the attractions here include snappers, sweetlips, and wrasse.
LAGO CREEK This is one of the dive sites in General Santos City that is more suited for beginners and intermediate divers. The slopes here are quite gentle and very maneuverable. Pinnacles and coral outcrops are usually decorated by a lot of swimming fish. You’ll regularly find turtles swimming here as well.
MALAPATAN OFFSHORE PINNACLE The Malapatan Offshore Pinnacle is another area which offers lots of wonderful sea creatures to see including turtles, too, just like the Kabog Marine Reserve. Its top is measured around 5m under the water surface. That is during low tide. You may see lots of fishing nets in the area. It’s a perfect place to find and photograph the sea creatures so you can bring home photos to show of your wonderful stay at the place.
PARTRIDGE POINT This dive site in General Santos City is located near Tampuan/Tinoto Wall Complex. You can find it just around 300 meters from The Wall. You will see the same features you find in The Wall including the types of undersea life as well. Like Tinoto Wall Complex, this dive site also has magnificent coral gardens teeming with underwater life.
LAU-TENGCO POINT You will find this dive site in General Santos City within the proximity of The Wall and Partridge Point. In order for you to get there, pass Partridge Point until you reach the area where The Wall makes an s-shaped bend. Large number of reef fish can be found here. The currents in this dive site can be quite strong.
TINOTO VILLAGE The dive sites at the Tinoto Village are quite ideal for beginners since you won’t get a lot of problems with currents. The village itself is set in a small bay which makes it quite a nice place. The relatively minor drawbacks here include damage made in some of the corals and some problems with visibility.
TAKOT MALBANG Not far from Takot Massim is Takot Malbang, another General Santos dive site that will be enjoyed by both seasoned and neophyte swimmers. the currents in Takot Malbang move in accordance with the changing tides, knowing how to drift with it is important, and those who can do this will find it an exhilarating experience. Down at the sandy bottom are all the elements you’d expect to find in an excellent dive site: corals of different types (hard and soft) sponges, and gorgonians.
KAMANGA REEF Kamanga Reef, as the name implies, is the dive site to visit if your goal is to go sightseeing for coral reefs. The currents in Kamanga Reef are not difficult to navigate, and once you get there you can see several types of shell fish and around the reefs would be clown fish, parrot fish, groupers, and many others.
CESMA CLIFF This is one of the many dive sites in General Santos City at the Sarangani Bay area. This dive site offers great panoramic views of the surrounding bay area. Getting to the 30 foot cliff and down into the edge of the water will be quite an escapade on its own.
MARABUENO POINT The Marabueno Point is one of the many interesting dive sites in General Santos City. It is also located in the Sarangani Bay area off the coast of Kiamba in the Sarangani Province. While on the site you’ll notice that there is only a few meters of shallow water and then you get go over the edge when you’re coming off the shore along the wall.
SULIFMAN DIVING SITE This is another one of popular dive sites in General Santos City. Like many of the main dive sites of the city, this one is also located in the Sarangani Bay area, specifically in Kiamba, Sarangani Province. This site is also known as Veterans Beach. It is situated right at the end of the Tinoto Wall Complex.


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