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Ilo-Ilo Dive Sites

Iloilo City and is your best choice for great diving at very reasonable rates! We have been diving these reefs for 20 years.  With our experience comes local knowledge of the best dive spots and what each site has to offer. Our area has dive sites for all levels of divers from muck and macro dives, drift dives, deep dives, shallow reef dives to swim throughs and tunnels.  The Marine life here is diverse and coral reefs are thriving and still intact, if your looking for your own piece of undiscovered diving paradise this is it.

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CATAAN CAVE Cataaan Cave is also one of the best places to go scuba diving or snorkeling. There are several corals, sea grass and numerous types of sea creatures, including various types of fish.
IYANG BEACH Concepcion hosts several types of beaches and dive sites, and one of the finest, and best kept secrets (so far) is Iyang Beach. Owing to the fact that it is not as well known as the other dive sites and beaches in Iloilo, there is a good chance that you will have the island mostly to yourself. because the currents are mostly moderate, it becomes an ideal spot for even beginner or intermediate divers. You also don’t need to go in too deep before you come upon various sea shells, crabs, angel fish, lion fish and nudibranchs.
NADSADJAN FALLS A lot of the dive sites in Iloilo consists of the numerous waterfalls in the province, and one of the most famous is Nadsadjan Falls. Nadsadjan Falls is about 23 miles (39 km) from Iloilo City. Once in the general area the visitor will see several falls, most of them over a hundred feet high. At the bottom of the falls is a body of water. For experienced divers, immersing oneself in the depth of the water with the currents of a waterfall can be an exciting and challenging experience.
NAGPANA FALLS Nagpana Falls is increasingly becoming a premiere destination not just for diving aficionados but also those that would like to experience the local culture. Nagpana Falls is very near the habitation of the Aetas, the local tribe, reside, giving tourists the chance to get a glimpse of the ways of the ancient tribes. Nagpana Falls, like the other waterfalls in Iloilo City, is an ideal diving spot.
BALBAGON Babagon, located near Carles, Iloilo, is a diving site that is rawing raves from the ever increasing number of people who have gone there. Balbagon is a small island filled with several palm trees, and almost completely surrounded by gorgeous white sand. As with the other diving sites around the province, the deep waters contains several coral variants, and several kinds of fish.
DANAO-DANAO Danao-Danao Island is the perfect location for divers who prefer a more quiet environment. The coastline is famous for its beach, but the dive site is no less impressive. Going scuba diving will take you to sandy bottoms filed with corals of various colors and shades, populated by streaming schools of fish including manta rays, Trigger fish, frogfish and more.


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