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Leyte Dive Sites

Leyte dive sites are good for beginners, as well as for advanced and experienced divers. There are: shallow slopes, beautiful coral gardens (hard and soft corals), as well as deep drop-off and sports for current dives. If it comes to coral biodiversity and density, Leyte is the top notcher in the Philippine Archipelago and other south-east-asian dive sites.

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MAX CLIMAX WALL & BALUARTE This is a dive on a wall with a lot of crevices and the wall is riddled with crevices that shelter angelfish, snappers, sweetlips, napoleon wrasses and groupers.
TANGKA-AN POINT Tangkaan point is a long land mass with some outstanding and varied pristine reefs and walls to explore just off the shore.
NAPANTAW FISH SANCTUARY This wall dive goes by many names, in cluding Rio’s Wall and Toshi’s Wall. This one stands out not only for its huge gorgonians, black corals and soft corals, but also for its generally prolific and colorful marine life.
PETER’S MOUND A sea mound just 200m (650ft) offshore, this is a fascinating site and a cleaning station for large pelagics. Sometimes strong current. Animals to see: wrasse, grouper, sweetlips, surgeons, fusiliers, tuna, and jacks.
BATO DAKO Divers descend to 20-25m, follow main reef wall, and gradually ascend to safety stop level to explore the wonderful and pristine hard corals.
THE HOLE A hole at 16m, beautifully decorated with gorgonians and sponges, gives the dive site its name.
AMPO Divers descend to 20-25m, follow main reef wall, and gradually ascend to safety stop level to explore the wonderful and pristine hard corals.
TURTLE ROCK Divers descend the main reef wall to 20m, and then follow a bearing across a sandy seabed to a series of rock outcrops. Top of the deepest rock is 28m descending to 43m. After viewing the outcrops, divers return to the main reef wall to investigate the fantastic hard coral coverage and macro life.
CORAL GARDEN Divers start in the shallows and descend the reef slope until they hit the first of 3 small walls.
HEAVENS GATE This dive site lies at the very tip of southern Leyte. A steep slope covered with soft corals, sponges and anemones. We found quite a lot of different species of nudibranchs. This dive site is also called Tangkaan point (Tanka-an).
BUNGA BEND It has superb corals both hard and soft. The dive site has a nice 45 degree sloping coral reef onto a sandy bottom at about 32 metres an outcrop of rocks appear included in the outcrop is a fabulous over hang which drops to about 38 metres.
DOCTOR DOCTOR Descend to bottom of main reef wall (20m) and continue out across sloping sandy seabed to rock outcrop. Top of rock is 30m, descending to 45m. Divers return to the main reef wall to explore the excellent hard coral and macro life.
BURGOS PIER There is a bit of rubbish and a few fishing lines, but the amount of life under the pier is staggering, day or night. Nobody will get bored on this dive, even if it lasts for 90 minutes.
JUHN’S WRECK Although not recognizable anymore as a ship wreck, it had become more of an artificial reef for the aquatic life living around it. It a true oasis of life in a sea of sand.
SONOK POINT Descend to about 30 to 35m and gradually incline on ascent, whilst investigating the excellent hard and soft coral life.
BUJONG SHOUL The plateau is home to many banded sea snakes. Off shore sunken plateau at a depth of 14m going down to 50m, before steeply dropping off to very deep water. Sandy bottom with large rock boulders
GUNTERS WALL A wall covered with black coral bushes and green tube corals. We saw a small eagle ray.
ADRIAN’S COVE A wall with a lot of coves and overhangs, nicely covered bushes of black coral, staghorn corals and many sea squirts.
THE IMAGINE WRECK Descent above the wreck and then excursion around the boat. Diving west: mostly sand with shells, diving east: into the coral area.
MEDICARE – NORTH A steeper and deeper rock face than that of Medicare South, descending to 25-30m. The rocky slopes gives way to a steep sandy slope, which continues way beyond diving limits. Large rocky outcrops with swim through are found beyond 40m.
MEDICARE – SOUTH Divers start in the shallows, descend the reef slope, and continue whichever way the current runs.
BUS STOP Divers descend in the blue onto the boulders, investigate the many nooks and crannies, and enjoy the fish life. Large sunken boulders at depth of 16 to 34m, surrounded by sandy sea bed
BONNY’S PLACE A gently sloping reef, with sandy bottom and many soft corals. Big coral rocks at the shallower end.


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