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Panay Island Dive Sites

Panay Island offers scuba diving opportunities for all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced divers. Snorkeling is also a very popular activity on Panay’s beaches. You will see rich colorful marine life and beautiful hard corals. The beautiful sites were formed by volcanic activities and are only minutes away from shore.

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UNIDOS POINT A bad-weather site, shelving off to 80ft on sand with coral outcrops, groupers, snappers, batfish, sweetlips, moray eels, garden eels, angelfish and butterflyfish.
BLACK ROCK Black Rock sticks out of the water and offers very good diving. The west side is a wall with caves at the bottom, good pelagic fish life and occasionally you may see Hammerhead Sharks. The east side is shallow and sheltered, with canyons, caves and crevices. There are plenty of fishes as well as pelagic species.
BURUANGA POINT The reef-top is a gentle slope from 5m to 7m covered in good soft, leathery and stony corals. From 7m the drop-off goes down to 40m where there is a cave. A photographers’ dive.
DOG DRIFT This 200m to 300m wall, running north-to-south, drops from 6m to 30m and abounds with caves, holes and crevices. There are lots more fish here than at Nasog Point.
NASOG POINT The site is a slope from 5m to 35m with boulders and canyons, so that unwary novices may find themselves indulging in saw-tooth diving. The fish life is limited, except when a strong current is running, but there is a good chance of seeing a turtle. But this is a dive to do for its topography – to swim thru the rocks.


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