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Siquijor Dive Sites

The marine life in around Siquijor has everything to offer and this is what makes the Philippine Islands famous. Fantastic coral gardens for snorkeling and diving, abundant marine life, fast drift-dives and beautiful walls. Many dives can be done via shore diving and you will go with a small van to the dive-site. The Island is just too big to get to all sites via boat. So if you are a hardcore diver, you might consider staying a few days at the south coast of Siquijor and a few days in the north.

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MA-ITI A shallow reef with a lot of ledges and overhangs, leading to a Coral Garden which gives way to an expansive white sand slope.
PALITON WALL SUR Paliton wall starts at 7m/20ft and in parts plunges down to depths of over 50m/160ft. It is covered with Soft Corals of many different varieties and beautiful Gorgonian Seafans.
PALITON WALL NORTE Paliton Wall Norte again starts at about 7m/20ft and plunges down to depths in excess of 40m/130ft in places. It has just as dense Soft Coral coverage as the southern part of the wall, but there are more ledges and overhang for macro buffs to search out the rare and exotic critters, like the cryptic Cometfish.
TAMBISAN Tambisan is a nice relaxing dive with schools of smaller reef fish, some large Gorgonian Seafans clinging to the wall, colonies of green Tubastrea Corals, Black Corals trees and hundreds of invertebrates.


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