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Sorsogon Dive Sites

There are dive sites all over the Philippines, but it is only in Sorsogon that one will experience diversity and a deep sense of beauty that is unmatched anywhere else.

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DANCALAN BEACH A diving site in Sorsogon that is gaining prominence is Dancalan Beach. The waters of Dancalan Beach are not that deep, making it ideal for those new to scuba diving or snorkeling. By diving into the waters, you will see plenty of different types of marine creatures and also some of the most diverse kinds of coral reefs anywhere.
MANTA BOWL Very near the town of Bulan is a dive site called Manta Bowl, one of the most picturesque diving sites in the province.
MATNOG ISLAND Some of the best diving and snorkeling centers can be found in the islands that comprise Matnog in Sorsogon.
RIZAL BEACH Rizal Beach is primarily known for its pristine white sand, and there are also some resorts nearby. Lately however, it has become one of the most popular dive sites in Sorsogon. Because it is a spot that is not visited often by divers, you can have most of the brilliant underwater world to yourself.
CALINTAAN ISLAND The island itself is renowned for its impressive rock formations and caves, but it is the waters around it that grab attention, mainly due to its vast underground caves and other imposing rock promontories.
TOLONG GAPO BEACH Tolong Gapo is popular among tourists, and today it is becoming a hotbed for scuba diving activity, owing to the number of colorful fish in its waters.


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