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Subic Bay Dive Sites

Most of the Subic Bay’s best diving is in the harbor, on the wrecks of varying antiquity and structural integrity. Coral enthusiasts will enjoy the diving off Grande Island, which is also a good spot for snorkelers to explore.

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ORYOKU MARU (The Hell Ship) This notorious wreck, while not the best subic sites, is nonetheless worth a dive if only for its bloody history. Sunk in a U.S. air attack during WWII.
USS NEW YORK This battleship is the most impressive wreck site in Subic Bay and a dive that any wreck enthusiast would not want to miss.
EL CAPITAN El Capitan is certainly one of the better wrecks for photography.
SAN QUINTIN This dive site was deliberately sunk during the Spanish-American war to avoid entrance on the bay. Although it is next to a nice coral reef, the wreck had become an artificial reef since it had been  a hundred years when it had been sunk. It is now home to sponges, corals, nudibranchs, a variety of fishes and giant clams.
SEIAN MARU The Seian Maru is a 3,712 tone freighter that was serving the Japanese Navy when she was bombed and sunk by the U.S. Aircraft on the 19th of September 1994
LCU Landing Craft Utility (LCU) The wreck is now home to collection
JAPANESE PATROL BOAT Located in the same bay as the LCU wreck, this vessel sank during the Japanese occupation of Subic during the WWII.
USS LANIKAI This remarkable wreck is stepped in history. The schooner-rigged diesel powered yacht was bilt in 1914.
LST The Landing Ship Tank (LST) was created during WWII for the purpose of supporting amphibious operations, by carrying large amounts of vehicle, cargo and personnel directly onto the shore.
BARGES The name of the dive site derives from the large number of pontoons that were put here by the American Forces. Some of the most common fish types you will see are the garden eels, pipefish, groper, shrimps, lionfish, nudibranch, shrimps, prawn and etc. It is located in front of the Grande Island.
SAKURA MARU A Japanese merchant vessel in wartime auxiliary naval service, sunk by US forces in Subic Bay during WWII. The wreck is located in the Grande Island channel, at a depth of 54m.
F4 PHANTOM One of the few aircraft wrecks available in Subic Bay, the F4 Phantom is the relic of the US Navy’s long and active envolvement at Subic Bay.


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