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Sulu Dive Sites

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JESSIE BEAZLEY A small seamount capped by a sandy cay with impressice walls plunging down to abyssal depths, Jessie Beazley is one of the Sulu Sea’s treasures. It is named after the boat that discovered it and promptly sunk after hitting
TUBBATAHA NORTH You can dive at several spots around Tubbataha’s North Islet, and odds are you’ll encounter several species of large pelagics on every one. The diving off the north shore of islet is over a fissured, coral-covered sandy slope, home to shovelnosed rays (guitarfish), stingrays, lobsters hiding amid the large table corals, sea whips and coral bommies.
TUBBATAHA SOUTH This reef is smaller than North Islet, you can visit even more dive sites here. The lighthouse is worth a visit for the views it affords, and seagrass beds lie just offshore (this is a good snorkeling point and a place you can expect to find turtles feeding).
BASTERRA NORTH REEF Basterra is a sand-capped seamount that rises to the surface from more than 1,000 fathoms. Visibility is usually well over 30m, but currents are unpredictable, often fierce, and can push an unwary diver down the wall.
BASTERRA SOUTH WALL The reef slopes gently away from the surface to around 15m and then drops away to infinity. The visibility is usually phenomenal, but the currents swirl unpredictably.


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